Acro | Prehab | Handstands | Breathwork

Bali Acro Flow Teacher Trainingis for anyone that has interest in deepening their knowledge and practice of coaching including:

Partner Acro and Solo Coaching, Handstands, Flexibility, & Rehab!

Are you ready to dive in Acro? Have a desire to better understand movement? This TT is for you. As a coach, your ability to observe, analyze, and prescribe progressions is the key to helping your students ( or yourself) achieve their goals. However, honing these skills takes more than just experience – it requires dedicated training and a deep understanding of human movement principles.

That's why I'm thrilled to invite you to join my comprehensive Acro Teacher Training program. This immersive experience is designed to elevate your coaching abilities to new heights, empowering you to deliver intelligent classes that truly help your students grow.

The Bali Acro Flow Teacher Training is for anyone interested in deepening their knowledge and practice of coaching, including Partner Acro, Solo Coaching, Handstands, Flexibility, and Nervous System Integration. This training is ideal for individuals who want to delve into the subtleties, understand movement mechanics for all roles (even if they can't perform them), and learn how to facilitate them safely and fluidly.

Throughout this training, you'll dive deep into the art of movement observation, learning to identify even the subtlest compensations and imbalances. You'll develop a keen eye for assessing posture, joint mechanics, and overall movement patterns, allowing you to pinpoint areas that require attention.

But observation is just the beginning. We'll also explore the science behind effective cueing and program design. You'll learn how to communicate with precision, offering accurate progressions and regressions that seamlessly guide your students toward their goals. 

One of the most valuable aspects of this training is the emphasis on developing rapid problem-solving abilities. In the dynamic world of coaching, situations can change in an instant, and you'll need to think on your feet. Through interactive sessions and real-world scenarios, you'll cultivate the mental agility to adapt your approach swiftly, ensuring your students remain safe, engaged, and progressing optimally.

This intimate teacher training is designed to meet and support you where you're at. You'll learn the "whys" and "hows" of coaching, establish your personal style, and gain insights into Acro's psychological foundations, group dynamics, nervous system integration, and tools to best serve your students and community. Additionally, time will be dedicated to the business aspects of Acro, such as marketing yourself and expanding your class offerings.

* You can attend this training for your own personal growth, to expand your knowledge, and apply it to your practice.

Learn how to teach \ coach  skills such as:

-Teach foundational Acro to Advance skills (depending on your level) Solo or with a teacher
-How to teach Handstands, as well as understand the biomechanics
-Flexibility drills complimentary for Acro and Handstands

- How to lead Prehab excercise and warm-up
-How to use the lunge 
-Creative Washing Machines

- Small and intimate to meet you at your level!
And more! 

To enroll in this Teacher Training, you must have a basic understanding of Acrobatics \ Partner Acro\ Acroyoga. A one-on-one call will be booked to help with preparatory skills required for the training, as well as compatibility. For the training, the following skills need to be accessible with ease to you either as a base or flyer and without the use of a spotter.

Acro: Proficient with Side Star, Shoulder Stand, Star, Low-F2H, Throne

Handstand: Ability and confidence to kick up at the wall 

​To get started, please send an email to or WA +17789977583.

For your application, you'll send a video of you flowing through an Acro Sequence, include a little bit about you, and what you hope to learn!

Dates: November 2024 send an email for more information| Time: 8AM-4PM (Hours may change based on the day)

This price does not include lodging or food. Please send an email to help with arrangements if you're seeking that. A 50% non-refundable deposit is required to secure your spot; the last payment is to be made before TBA