1PM Handstand | Nirvana 
2:30PM L-Basing Acro Class | Nirvana Strength
4PM Backbends | Nirvana


8AM Shoulder Mobility | Nirvana
9AM Hip Mobility | Nirvana
10AM-12PM Standing Acro | Register with a partner* - Send a message to confirm the location


​1PM Spine Mobility | Nirvana

2:30PM L-Basing Acro Class | Nirvana
4PM  Press to Handstand | Nirvana

10AM-12:30PM Standing Acro | Register with a partner; Send message to confirm the location 

5PM Breathwork | Nirvana

8:00AM Vinyasa Flow | Nirvana Strength 

11AM Acro L-Basing | Nirvana
12PM  Acro Jam | Nirvana **


Step into my Bali schedule, where a mix of exciting classes is just waiting for you to dive in. Get into the flow with Flexibility, perfect the art of Handstands, and boost your physical freedom through Mobility—plus, there's a bunch of other cool classes on the house. Got questions? Shoot me an email anytime; I'm here to help you navigate your wellness journey. And hey, don't forget to check out the various training options, like personalized traincations and private sessions, designed to match your unique goals. Your journey to well-being starts with one step, and I'm here to make sure each step is memorable.



Acro | Prehab | Handstands | Breathwork