Melanie is a full-time coach in Bali, Indonesia where she feel immensely passionate about sharing her passion for movement. Melanie has a background in transpersonal counseling psychology, which she merges into her coaching. She teaches and moves from a polyvagal lens, prioritizing nervous system health and integration, as well as helping women train following their cycle. She believes that any movement modality teaches and helps others practice self-trust, communication, discovery, and to connect with their body. Melanie is passionate about embodiment practice and teaching others how to regulate their nervous system through flexibility, handstands, and strength training. She is also a certified Fascial Trainer. Her perfect client is someone who is interested not just in resistance training, but in overall physical and mental health, embodiment practice, nervous system integration, and regulation.

Melanie considers herself a forever student. She is dedicated to self-growth and gaining infinite knowledge, which she loves sharing with her students. Melanie has earned many certifications and has attended various training sessions and workshops worldwide. She has now accumulated almost 1000 hours in various Yoga training sessions, as well as courses which complement her movement coaching, such as Kinesiology 101 - RAD Balls, Relational Anatomy and Physiology for Movement Therapists, the Flexibility Research Program, and more. She also helps facilitate 300-hour and 200-hour training sessions for Yoga teachers.

Melanie loves playing and exploring movement and circus arts, training and coaching handstands, flexibility, partner acro and acrobatics, and is generally the happiest person in the room when she is helping others get in touch with their bodies and self. She used to travel as an Acro teacher and has taught in 15 countries, at 20 festivals, and at retreats, intensives, and workshops.