Acro | Prehab | Handstands | Breathwork

Meet Melanie, a dedicated full-time coach based in the enchanting landscapes of Bali, Indonesia. Melanie exudes an immense passion for movement and has seamlessly woven her background in transpersonal counseling psychology into her coaching approach. Operating through a polyvagal lens, she places a paramount focus on nurturing nervous system health and integration.

For Melanie, movement is not just a physical endeavor but a profound journey of self-trust, communication, discovery, and body connection. Her belief is that any movement modality serves as a gateway to these transformative experiences. Specializing in embodiment practices, Melanie guides individuals in regulating their nervous systems through the art of flexibility, handstands, and strength training. As a certified Fascial Trainer, Brain Coach, Psychotherapist,  and neuro trained professional, she brings a holistic perspective to her coaching.

Melanie's ideal client is someone seeking more than just resistance training—a person invested in holistic physical and mental well-being, embodiment practices, and nervous system integration and regulation.

Ever the perpetual student, Melanie is committed to her own self-growth and the pursuit of infinite knowledge, which she enthusiastically shares with her students. Her impressive repertoire includes almost 1000 hours of diverse Yoga training sessions, complemented by courses such as Kinesiology 101 - RAD Balls, Relational Anatomy and Physiology for Movement Therapists, and the Flexibility Research Program. Notably, she actively contributes to the growth of others by facilitating 300-hour and 200-hour training sessions for Yoga teachers.

Melanie's zest for life extends beyond coaching; she revels in playing and exploring movement and circus arts. Handstands, flexibility, partner acro, and acrobatics are her chosen realms of joy. Having traveled as an Acro teacher, she has shared her expertise in 15 countries, at 20 festivals, and various retreats, intensives, and workshops. In any space where she guides others to connect with their bodies and selves, Melanie radiates boundless happiness.