Coaching Vs. Practicing


Acro | Prehab | Handstands | Breathwork

I remember when I first started coaching Acro and Handstand skills. Back then, I thought being a great coach was all about mastering the techniques myself first. Yep, was I wrong!

Don't get me wrong, having strong personal skills can help build credibility. But being an effective movement coach is about so much more than just demonstrating flawless technique.

Over the years, I've learned that truly impactful coaching comes down to understanding biomechanics, analyzing each individual's unique movement patterns, and tailoring instructions to their specific needs. It's about breaking down complex movements step-by-step, providing insightful feedback, and being flexible with your approach to accommodate all types of learners. Great coaching means putting safety and proper form first, but also creating an environment where people feel motivated, inspired and empowered to develop their abilities.

It takes compassion, excellent communication, and the ability to connect authentically with others. In fact, I'd argue it's possible to be a phenomenal movement coach even if you don't have top-tier skills yourself! At the end of the day, masterful coaching is all about guiding individuals on their unique journeys toward improved pathways - not showing off your own prowess. And THAT is what makes it such a fulfilling profession.