About Melanie

 Melanie is a diligent and enthusiastic movement coach. She devotes endless hours to researching, exercising, and analyzing all these different types of movement. She is happiest when she is being creative, and she enjoys assisting her students in their development. She has an eye for precision and specific Queuing. Her enthusiasm has gone internationally, with her teaching intensives in a variety of locations and learning from coaches all over the world. Melanie also has a Transpersonal Counseling-Psych diploma, and she is very enthusiastic about combining her expertise with her love of movement.

Despite the many hours of training she has, she truly loves learning, which fuels her zest for sharing knowledge. Part of what fascinates Melanie about Acro and Movement is the healing that can happen when humans train and play together. Melanie believes Acro is a platform that gives people a wonderful way to practice trust communication and build community. Her zeal lies in teaching anything intricate and making it accessible, funky washing machines, and "out of the box" explorations. As a smaller base, she has many skills and different perspectives, making it accessible and ultimately bringing you into Flow State.